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Sunday, October 26, 2003


Ollivier Robert

Small nit: with sudo, it is necessary to type one's own password, not the root one. "root" is not enabled anyway by default.

Richard Kilmer

Right...sorry...it needs to be your password and your account needs to have administrative privilege.


This is great. Does your installation give you access to modules in the ext folder? With my installation of 1.8 on 10.2, I was unable to access sockets or tcltk. But that is all in limbo now, as my attempted installation of Panther failed and overwrote 10.2. I hope to try this after I have a system that will boot.

Ross Shaw

Got everything to work fine except step 5 'Update your path to include /usr/local/bin'.

For us Unix challenged people how do we do this in Panther?


if you are running Bash and don't mind editing the path for all users, just edit the appropriate line in /etc/profile.

otherwise, you'll need to create a .bashrc or .cshrc file in your home directory - a quick google using these terms should give you a much better grounding in what you can do with these files than i can offer :)

Van Jacques

I want to install ruby 1.8.1 on OS 10.2.8.

Currently I have ruby 1.6.7 that came with
my MAC and OS 10.2.

I am also trying to install some ruby extensions like
extmath which are giving me some trouble.

I am new to ruby and never learned much UNIX,
just enough to barely get along wnenever I needed
it, which wasn't much. (I know about things like
.cshrc, but never had to modify more than a line
Also, I have not used the developers tools on my MAC.

My installations have been ones from packages that
require following simple directions and clicking with
your mouse ;-)

Ruby is a great language though.


Van Jacques

I forgot an important point: Rich says
> In order to proceed with with the steps below you
>need to install the xCode developer's tools that come
>with Panther.

I think I recall reading that these tools don't run
on OS 10.2. Is that correct?

Is there anyone who has installed ruby 1.8 on OS 10.2
who can tell me how it went?

BTW, I also installed Runit on ruby 1.6.7.


Ollivier Robert

I tried to upgrade to 1.8.1 with Panther/XCode but compilation with gcc failed at the final link stage reporting 4 missing symbols, all of which seemed to be gcc-specific inlines... Anyone else seeing this?

Compiling with IBM xlc compiler is fine.

Ollivier Robert

To build on 10.2 which doesn't have XCode, you need to install the developpers' CD that is shipped with Jaguar. Then you get gcc and all needed tools.

Chris Nelson

I went through the process on Panther. Figured out how to hack up a usable .bash_profile and .bashrc with vi. Guess what?

NO ruby 1.8.1 ! :(

I ended up with:

ruby 1.9.0 (2004-01-23) [powerpc-darwin]


Not being Unixy programmer and wise to the ways of CSV, I think someone else could be nice a figure how to modify said instructions for the stable branch.

Rich Kilm

Sorry about that Chris, step 3 now tells you how to build Ruby 1.8.1 from the RubyForge mirrored .tar.gz file.


Thanks for this. Except that if I install 1.8.1 in the default /usr/local location, a "which ruby" gives me still "/usr/bin/ruby," despite the fact that /usr/local/bin is in my path. I also can't get ri to work with the installation. Any suggestions?

Am new to Ruby, and not anything close to a unix expert.


I encounter the same problem as Bruce--Ruby has compiled fine, and I've changed my path to include the new location, but my system still thinks Ruby is in the old location...

Rich, do you have an idea what might be the problem?

(Thanks for a great tutorial, by the way.)


Bruce, I just figured it out: I had to restart Terminal to see the changes.

Now, on to mod_ruby and eruby...!

C Mills

If you install Ruby into /usr/local (the default location) and want to use this version rather than the one shipped with OS X do the following in your .profile file :
### snip
export PATH
### snip
It is important that /usr/local/bin shows up before /usr/bin in your $PATH environmental variable - since when the shell searches for a command (ie. `ruby`) it recursively searches the directories in $PATH starting with the first one.... so if /usr/bin comes before /usr/local/bin you'll get the old version of Ruby whenever you type `ruby`.

Chris Nelson

You need to add notes on getting Tk to work with this install of Ruby.

Chris Nelson

I used this resource to get Tk to work


Chris Nelson

If you want to get ri to work beware that rdoc may generate the output in /usr/local/share/ri/1.9/system, instead of /usr/local/share/ri/1.8/system where ri looks for it. It's easy to create a link to handle this.

While in the /usr/local/share/ri/ directory enter this:
$ sudo mkdir 1.8
$ (enter password)
$ cd 1.8
$ ln -s /usr/local/share/ri/1.9/system system


There is a readline 5.0 that just came out. Can I use that?

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I encounter the same problem as Bruce--Ruby has compiled fine, and I've changed my path to include the new location, but my system still thinks Ruby is in the old location...

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