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Saturday, February 21, 2004


Joris Vankerschaver

Nice talk on Ruby! Immediately after I got home, I emerged the sources, searched for the online Ruby-book, and I'm ready to set off!

Well, I hope Ruby's indeed going to be more elegant than Perl and somewhat more subtle than Python... (I'm normally a Python man...) Nice twist of fate to have your lecture after the rather academic SmartEiffel and messy Perl ;)

Leon Brocard

It was indeed a very shiny talk about Ruby. Time to steal some ideas for Perl ;-)

Jan Sabbe

I just wanted to say thanks, I attended the tutorial and the speech about ruby, and was definetly impressed, and got all excited about ruby :-)

Emiel van de Laar

Thank you for taking the time to represent the Ruby community at FOSDEM. Your presentations were easy to follow and were beneficial to beginner and advanced Ruby programmers alike.

Oh and you definetly had the slickest looking presentation, bar none. I'd like to know what you used to create it (especially the spinning ruby). ;)

Richard Kilmer

Thanks for the comments regarding the talk. Its easy to present on something you dig, and I dig Ruby! I want to thank all the attendees...there were a lot. Hope some folks were motivated to go download, install and give Ruby a whirl.

The presentation was done using Apple's Keynote presentation tool which you can find out about here.

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