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Saturday, October 02, 2004


Wally Atkins

From what I read on the wiki it appears that the examples only work with the stand alone Flash Projector. Is there an easy way to get this to work on the web as well? Or does that already work?

Just curious, I haven't tried the examples on my own machine yet but will give it a go very soon. This has great potential!

Richard Kilmer

This works on the standalone player/projector I created. The Web thing is easy though, I will likely post how to do that soon (the current code is focused on local execution).


Hi sounds really interesting I was trying to work out how to get ming/ruby running and came accoss this, not yet done any ruby yet but it is installed on my pc under XP and I have the pixaxes 2 book can you give me a really simple explaination into getting this running on my local machine?

Many thanks



I could not get the required SWT runtime from eclipse.org.

Where do I get this? Do I need to have Eclipse installed ?

Don Quach

This project sounds really interesting. I just got started with doing ActionScript for work, but I'd like to work with Ruby instead. I installed the JRE1.4, SWT runtime and the other components, but I run the examples I get an exception about the "Browser" class being undefined on line 72 of Obsidian.java. Do I have to have Eclipse SDK installed? Also, in the latest SWT runtime "swt-pi.jar" doesn't exist.



The Alph project looks and sounds great! Would it be possible to use this with the Ruby Application framework "Arrow"? Would it be possible to access code libraries that a flashprojector/flash web player imports? I think when that works one could build powerful Webservice applications with Alph. I wish you luck on this project, keep it up!


Jason Foreman

This looks incredibly promising as well as wicked cool, but the wiki is hosed. Can you provide an alternate download link? I just found Ruby and ROR the past couple weeks, but I primarily develop desktop and rich client apps. This would totally be something I could use!

oliver oli

the alph wiki has been spammed. are you stil working on this project?

Robin Hilliard

Rich, this looks great - unbelievably seems to have passed with little note in the Macromedia development community. let me know if/how we can help with this project.


Mike Pearson

I'd be very interested in looking at this, but alph.rubyforge.net is very broken. Where is the download now?


The wiki on rubyforge is completely spammed. I tried to reverse a revision, but it seems the spammers managed to remove these too.

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