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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



---In indi, the profiles that you publish can be edited in the Profile Editor utility---
Really? I didn't know it. Thx. I use css only since last month.

Daniel Berger

Will we be seeing beta 4 soon now that Chad Fowler's on the team? And will we see another blog post sometime this year? :)

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Template entries are merged in from your contact record which you can edit in the Address Book or right inside the Profile Editor (Contact Form button in the upper right). Doing this merge allows you to freeform type in whatever you want in a profile, while your contact data is kept in sync with your contact record. We will be adding more capability to this templating engine in the next beta release scheduled for the Spring. Also, we will be adding the ability to automatically extract these template entries from other's profiles to automatically fill in their contact record.
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