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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Guy Hurst

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Nice to see you still plugging away with Ruby, and in such a meaningful way. :)

Stephan Schmidt

Ruby did scale because you did use C? Didn't C scale then and Ruby not?

I'm a little confused.



>> Ruby scales

>>Ruby did scale because you did use C? Didn't C scale then and Ruby not?

Languages don't scale. Applications do.

Anyways, being able to write in a domain-specific language subset is definitely nice. I think that's why libraries like Jquery are popular.

Tien Dung

Great post!

It's make me want to jump in Martin Fowler's Domain Specific Languages Immediately.


Paul Drummond

This is really interesting.

Any chance you could post some examples of the DSL's you created?


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Over the next 4 weeks we iterated on the domain model. I wrote scripts to parse flight plans and convert them to DSL code and flushed out more of the domain. I sent snippets of the DSL to domain experts for review. What amazed the team was the DSL encoding of the specification exposed
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beyond kudos...incredible job guys...congrats

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I've had someone ask why this script is needed since Russell Brown has one called Place-O-Matic. FYI: that script is designed to open two interpretations of one raw file (like the example that shows two images combined in my post), but it will not allow you to simply open a raw file with a single interpretation of it, which is what I need to do 95% of the time

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Which OS? Textmate is the standard on OS X. I've tried Radrails and others, but in the end I prefer the lean editors for Ruby. I'd probably use vim on Linux.


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